QuodRings Beta 6

Play music files on your phone and set them as ringtones

QuodRings is a practical music player application for your smart phone, you can use it to conveniently carry and listen to your music files everywhere you go! But QuodRings is more than a common music player as it allows you to use your music files as ring tones.

Other Main features :

  • Currently QuodRings supports the Ogg Vorbis format for the music files
  • Default music can be defined to play when someone calls
  • Allows the definition of different music’s to act as ring tones for the different people in your phone list
  • User-friendly interface similar to common series 60 applications, you won’t have to learn a new interface to use it
  • Music files can be stored anywhere in your phone's memory and storage
  • Highly optimized search algorithm allows easy localization of music files in your mailbox or anywhere else on the phone memory
  • Can easily share music files with other applications as it doesn’t require them to be on a specific location
  • Extended utilities like available memory information or file details & delete capabilities
  • Native C++ Symbian OS application that can Installed in a small 80 K file
  • Advanced plug-in architecture will allow more formats to be added in the future
  • A good looking stereo player like view
  • Options screen with new options & random music capabilities

A powerful media player with additional handy features.

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QuodRings Beta 6